Installation should always be carried out on a level base, with the introduction below and above the Marmox THERMOBLOCK® of a completely level mortar bed of 20 mm to ensure a full connection. That means that the mortar bed must be introduced at the top and at the bottom across the full breadth and length.

If Marmox THERMOBLOCK® is installed as a bottom layer, it should be installed perfectly level in a mortar bed. This takes care of the irregularities in the base. The mortar for the mortar bed is a traditional mortar based on 9 parts sand and 3 parts cement. Ensure the mortar is not too wet (water/cement-factor = 0.7), as it is thicker than a regular masonry joint. Add Addibond 65 to the mixing water to improve the adhesive power of the mortar.

Marmox THERMOBLOCK® must not be used in more than one adjacent layer, with or without mortar joint.

Always use a Marmox THERMOBLOCK® with a breadth equal to the breadth of the wall.

Marmox THERMOBLOCK® can be installed below or directly above the first masonry layer on the basis of brick, concrete blocks or sand-lime brick.

If concrete blocks are used, the concrete blocks below or above the Marmox THERMOBLOCK® must be of the full type. If hollow concrete blocks are used, any layer below or above the Marmox THERMOBLOCK® should be turned around and filled with mortar or concrete cement.

For uses in combination with glued or mortared aerated concrete, please contact us.

If bituminous membranes have to be introduced on or against the product with a flame, the flame-resistant version (Marmox THERMOBLOCK® R2 nano/pir) must be used. This is available on request.

To ensure a perfect watertight connection between the blocks, use MS polymer kit (type TEC7®) in the groove/joint.